Precision Creations LLC is a family owned custom metal art and decor business that was founded in 2011. The company is owned and operated exclusively by Glenn and Cindy Pickersgill who have a workshop in Denver, NC. They strongly believe in elegant and simple design to best meet the function for and originality of each and every customer. 

Precision Creations has thousands of pre-drawn designs however are more than happy to turn your drawing, image, or plans into a metal masterpiece.

Using state of the art CNC technology as well as the ability to hand weld and uniquely problem solve, Precision Creations has created beloved art and signage for Nation Wide, Vista Health and Wellness, 3H Shoppes, and many more. Please contact us directly to see how we can best meet your custom metal needs.


Glenn Pickersgill was featured on Charlotte Arts in 2013

A day in the shop of Precision Creations Custom Metal Art

No, we're not perfect, but we do have fun and we love what we do! You probably want to turn the audio up for this behind the scenes look at Precision Creations with Glenn Pickersgill and Cindy Berghuis Pickersgill. More info at

Posted by Precision Creations on Friday, September 1, 2017